About Us

All started as a school project for my children during lockdown. We made a few candles and we started to use them in our own house. The result couldn't be better, as my son Ricardo said, "With the scent each candle releases in each room, is like having a walk thru a garden during spring time, when the flowers are opening"! So we manufactured a few more to offer to friends and family.
After some excellent reviews, we decided to transform a school project into a business. We made a more profound research, improved our knowledge about candles and the entire industry, and after some tests we realized we were ready for our first batch.
We look at our business very seriously, we are hand pouring small batches to guarantee all safety rules are kept in good measure, to protect our family and also to the families of our beloved friends/customers.
The Brand Ricn'Gus comes from our children, Ricardo and Gustavo, looking that they are the true mentors of this project.
They are very demanding and are always pushing us to make more tests with other fragrances and increase our range of products. Today Ricn'Gus is a brand of candles, melts and reed diffusers, but tomorrow, who knows...
I hope you enjoy our range of products, and please, feel free to contact us for suggestion's!